Thursday, January 2, 2014

Neon Heat EP Review: Incognito Music Magazine

From their vol.17 Winter 2014 issue:

"Lisa Doll and the Rock n Roll Romance
Neon Heat (2013)
Say what you want about Ramones, but the band
left an indelible stamp on the world of rock n
roll. The band inspired lot of young kids to pick
up an instrument and learn to play rock n roll.
From the sound of it, the members of Lisa Doll
and the Rock n Roll Romance are some of those
kids inspired by Ramones.
You need not listen to a lot of this EP to hear the
Ramones influence. The opening track “I Don’t
Wanna Break Up” is full of the sound on which
Joey and the boys built a career.
This is an EP filled with loud, lo-fi rock n roll at
tempos that challenge you to keep up. Her name
might be Lisa Doll, but don’t expect some cute
little girly sound. This is raw and raucous rock n
roll that begs to be played loudly. If you like Ramones
(and why wouldn’t you), give Lisa Doll
and The Rock n Roll Romance a listen. -Gary Schwind"

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