Reviews for Debut 7" NEON HEAT Released Oct 2013.


Lisa Doll: Rock Chicks Rule! 8/30/13
""Don’t Wanna Break Up”, from the band’s current EP Neon Heat (2013), is a perfect balance of pop hooks and punk riffs, while “Outsider”, from the same EP, is all-out Ramones-y punk and “I Like You”, from their demo EP New Blue (2012), is pure power pop."
NEW KIND OF KICK (French Blog)8/17/13
"Remember this old Fleshtones'song "The Girl From Baltimore"... well, here she is! Her name is Lisa Doll and she's the hidden daughter of Johnny Ramone and Nikki Corvette."


Reviews on New Blue Demo Ep (limited release on CD and Digital Download) Released Oct. 2012:

-RAZORCAKE #76 Oct. 4 2013
" delivers a deliciously monoxide-laden payload of garagey Donnas/Nikki Corvette-isms, seasoned with random injections of the Simpletones, Marked Men and Humpers."

-Maximum Rock n Roll #357

-Incognito Music Magazine: Trashy Tuesday Showcase
"...The lo-fi sound of the recording brings Ramones to mind. But it’s not just the lo-fi sound. It’s also the melodies that are easy to sing along with and the delivery of Lisa Doll’s vocals. This band also reminds me of The Donnas in that it sounds tough and a little poppy simultaneously. “666ick of It” is a good example of this. Lisa Doll definitely sounds like a chick you wouldn’t want to mess with when she sings this song, but the backing vocals give the song a distinct pop quality..."

"Where are you?

At my work, a tattoo shop. Working on booking tour dates for my first tour in April. And taking breaks to look at Grumpy Cat pictures if I get too pissed off or stressed."

Show Review:
"70s Punk head smashers exploding out of Baltimore via Lisa Doll's sneering siren singing. If you thought this night was about bands smashing their energy into your FACE then you assumed correctly." -Jerome Assad

What Weekly: Grey Marches On
"Kicking off the show, Lisa Doll & The Rock n Roll Romance make short work of getting the audience amped for the night to come. The band’s over driven, lo-fi, pop punk riffs woke the otherwise idle crowd and the open space that separates the bar in the back of the house from the stage begins to fill in. The dancing, jumping and thrashing from the band makes it appear as if the musicians are at war with their instruments, fighting to pull the desired sounds from their strings and skins..."

DC's Deli Magazine; Band of the Month June 2013- Interview
"Baltimore based pop punk'n'rollers Lisa Doll & the Rock n Roll Romance blast infectious melodies laced with punk tinged hooks that are beyond a nod to front woman Lisa Doll's influences. After recently dominating our polls, she easily was crowned Band of the Month, and we wanted to find out more about this artist who is in the midst of setting up a killer tour this October. Here she tells us about Del Tigers, Joan Jett, and lunch money well spent. Now onto the interview..."

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